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Background verification in15Minutes

A Marketplace for all your background verification needs.

ID, Education, Employement, Court, Credit, Global watchlist, Address etc.,

How It Work ?

A single system to issue digital credentials in a blockchain-secured format that is easily shareable and instantly verifiable anywhere in the world.

Reducing the Onboarding and exit time

Integrating TheRollNumber verification system with you ATS

  • Verification in less than 15 Minutes, No more 52 page reports
  • Reducing time and cost by 30%, no more middleman
  • One click attestations, from Onbording team and Universities

Digitise and earn
with TheRollNumber.

Universities can put all their records on blockchain network with our credentials.

  • Digitisation/re-issuing records for free of cost
  • Earn Money for every attestation/Verification request
  • Protecting Univerisity Identity and reputation
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India's first credential tracking system

A platfrom to store and track ceritificates for certifiate/credential holders

  • A unique that holdes all your credentials
  • Reducing time and cost by 30%, no more middleman
  • One click attestations, from Onboarding team and Universities
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Our Comfortable Rates

25 /certificate
  • One time fetch fee
  • Store and Track your certificates/id's
  • Fool proof Digital credentials
  • Enhanced Security- completely encrypted
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  • Full free Access to platfrom
  • Issue free unlimited certificates on blockchain
  • Protect yourself from fraudster with Privatekey attestations
  • Enhanced Security
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How our TheRollNumber work ?

Employers, Universities, Employees/Students get individual platforms where they can Verify, Attest and Issue blockchain based credentials

What is it for Universities/Issuers?

With TheRollNumber platfrom and a set of keys, the concerned authority at university/Issuers will issue or attest the certificaties and shall be put on blockchain network which is immutable

What is it for Verifiers/Employers ?

With TheRollNumber platfrom, the employer can verify candidates credentials instantly without depending on Thirdparty vendors. The Employer can fetch credentials in terms of hash that has been attested by Univerities and Ex-employers. The Employers can also issue blockchain based employement certificates and payslips directy to the Individuls account, makin Onboarding and exit simplified

What is it forStudents/Employees safer to use with my account ?

All your University and Employment certificates are attested by the corresponding authorities, will be fectched and stored in your wallet under Unique id, that can be shared anywhere instead of documents

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